Mar 2017

March 1, 2017 0600 AM

  • Posted by SolMountain

- 10 deg C, Overcast, Mod W wind

37 cm new snow past 24 hr.  Snow Depth = 350 cm.

37 cm uber low density blower blowing around out there over previous settled storm snow.  Total 70-80 cm storm snow overlies sun crust all solar aspects and settled storm snow on polar aspects.  Well settled strong mid and lower pack. New windslabs from west winds forming all open areas treeline and above.

Isolated cracking and small soft slabs reacting to skier traffic yesterday.  Today will be a different day !

British invasion ventured to Area 51 and back yesterday through Lodge Notch.


South Columbias Avalanche Bulletin



Meter Reader shows snow depth at bottom of number.

Snow Height on February 21 = 320 cm