Mar 2017

March 24, 2017 0600 AM

  • Posted by SolMountain

-6.0 deg C, Snowing, Light south wind

6 cm new snow past 24 hrs.  Snow Depth = 395 cm.

25 - 35 cm of recent dry storm snow overlies March 18 crust up to 2000 m, and over settled storm snow above 2000 m, and sun crust on solar aspects.  160 cm of March storm snow overlies a hard settled Feb 16 interface and various sun crusts.  Well settled strong mid and lower pack. 

No skier reactivity yesterday.  Glidecrack opened up in Barkerville but did not release.

Guests skiied Sol Bowl, Tunnel Vision, and Starbucks yesterday.  Sunshine an powder skiing!



South Columbias Avalanche Bulletin



Meter Reader shows snow depth at bottom of number.

Snow Height on March 20 = 390 cm