Feb 2018

February 9, 2018 0700 AM

  • Posted by SolMountain

- 13.5 degr C, Snowing.  Calm winds.  26 cm new blower.  Snow Depth 418 cm.  

Back to blower - new low density snow overlies previous dense storm snow.  Total 60 cm storm slab overlies Feb 7 low density layer.  Lots of previous SW wind affect switched to NW yesterday.   200 cm storm snow overlies Jan 16 surface hoar and suncrust.  

Storm slab produced a widespread natural cycle to size 2.5 yesterday.  Mostly 30-50 cm storm snow - but one step down 100 to 200 cm on deep Jan 16 interface (unsupported ridgetop on Hollywood chutes - did pull out into ski line).

Storm skiing simple slopes of Laid Back and Banana Belt yesterday.


South Columbias Avalanche Bulletin



Alpine trails opened July 21