Feb 2018

February 9, 2018 0700 AM

  • Posted by SolMountain

- 13.5 degr C, Snowing.  Calm winds.  26 cm new blower.  Snow Depth 418 cm.  

Back to blower - new low density snow overlies previous dense storm snow.  Total 60 cm storm slab overlies Feb 7 low density layer.  Lots of previous SW wind affect switched to NW yesterday.   200 cm storm snow overlies Jan 16 surface hoar and suncrust.  

Storm slab produced a widespread natural cycle to size 2.5 yesterday.  Mostly 30-50 cm storm snow - but one step down 100 to 200 cm on deep Jan 16 interface (unsupported ridgetop on Hollywood chutes - did pull out into ski line).

Storm skiing simple slopes of Laid Back and Banana Belt yesterday.


South Columbias Avalanche Bulletin



Meter Reader shows snow depth at bottom of number.

Janurary 10 Snow depth = 290 cm