Jan 2018

January 8, 2018 0700 AM

  • Posted by SolMountain

- 6.0 degr C,  Snowing, Calm winds.  12 cm new snow.  Snow Depth 242 cm.  

7 cm overlies rime crust from yesterday afternoon.  30 cm recent storm snow overlies the Jan 5 layer of surface hoar and facets - surface hoar overlies sun crust on steep solar aspects.  45 - 55 cm settled storm snow overlies a layer of small surface hoar and facets buried Dec 27.  

30  cm storm slab touchy reactivity on Jan 5  surface hoar - ski cut a szie 1.5 top Laid Back left, and isolated size 1 nauturals in Bear Creek canyon.

Guests skiing Laid Back and below the lodge in Back to Basics.


South Columbias Avalanche Bulletin



Meter Reader shows snow height at bottom of number.

April 17 Snow Depth = 450 cm